Peach Dumplings with Crescent Rolls

Crescent Roll Dumplings 

Calling all peach lovers! This recipe combines juicy, ripe peaches with buttery crescent dough to create delightful dumplings perfect for a sweet treat. .

These Peach Dumplings would make a delicious breakfast or dessert. While I love the use of a fresh peach, you could also use apples, pears, or even something like blueberries. Any of those fruity options would be so scrumptious! 



Pillsbury Crescents Unsalted butter  Peach  Light brown sugar Cinnamon sugar Nutmeg Vanilla extract All-pupose flour Lemon-lime soda

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Easy Peach Dumplings 

Helpful Tip

Love peach but want to try out a different fruit flavor? Consider using apples, pears, or blueberries